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Postcards from the Edges is back

Help us to campaign for better social care funding

We want to enable as many people as possible to share their view of what good care is.

The general public can be confused about what social care is, what it does and who pays for it. Adult Social Care is not just for the elderly – too often people forget that care can be needed at any stage of a person’s adult life. Our aim is to make the Government realise how important these essential services are to the lives of so many people.

Since 2010, cuts in spending have meant that adult social care is widely believed to be seriously underfunded so that many vulnerable people are not receiving the care they need.

On the 8th March 2017, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced in his Spring Budget that the Government will be investing an additional £2 billion in social care over the next three years.

We cautiously welcome this announcement, but there is still uncertainty over the mechanism through which this funding will be distributed. We very much hope that some of this money at least will be spent on meeting the funding shortfall facing the learning disability sector.

The Chancellor also announced there will be a Green Paper later this year on the long-term funding of social care.

We are continuing to campaign to keep social care on the Government’s agenda. It is vital that the Chancellor realises how important social care is to the lives of people with disabilities, so that it finally gets the long-term funding solution it deserves.


Our Postcards from the Edges campaign focuses on asking people to illustrate a postcard explaining what social care means to them – this could be through a drawing, a poem, a video message, a photo or any other creative way.

We’re encouraging everyone to use the tools on this website to make a postcard. Find out more about how to do this here.

We want the postcards to demonstrate to the Chancellor Phillip Hammond what good social care is, what it means to people with support needs, and what will be lost if adult social care continues to be under funded.

Once you’ve made a postcard and uploaded it to this site, you can share it with the Chancellor on social media using the hashtag #TellPhil.


We want the views of everyone involved throughout the support chain from the person receiving care, to individuals giving care, both paid staff and family carers, friends, campaigners, self-advocacy groups, fellow organisations – in fact anyone that has a view on what social care is.

You could:

  • Have a disability; such as learning disabilities, mental health needs, physical disabilities or other impairments
  • Be a relative or carer of someone who is affected by disability
  • Work with disabled people
  • Want to support the rights of people with disabilities or mental health needs to be heard.


This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) provides brief answers to many common questions about Postcards from the Edges.

What will happen to the postcards?

Our usage policy

The postcards may be displayed online, in United Response print publications and as part of potential art exhibitions at Parliament, and may also be sold in our shop.

Terms and conditions

Before you submit a postcard, have a read through our terms and conditions.

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