High Heeled and Gloveless

"High Heeled and Gloveless"

by Sue in Work

Sue Kent is the leading masseuse in the field of barefoot, no hands massage. Sue is keen that people with disabilities have the access and opportunity to develop a career in the areas that interest them. We asked Sue to tell us a bit about why she created her postcard.

“As a woman my line of beauty is foreshortened, my arms are 8″ long and I have 7 fingers. I love clothes but so often I cannot wear the clothes that are in the shops and so over the years I have turned to shoes as a expression of my sense of fashion.  I like to wear high shoes so that I can look men in the eye, on a level and on an equal footing one might say.

My feet are my income, I am a professional sport and relaxation massage therapist using my feet, I have a great sense of achievement at being the first disabled person to have achieved this level of bare footwork.

I often work in London and travel to the clinic by tube, as I grow older and the escalators go faster, I find my eye sight is challenging my ability to balance. People don’t notice my arms from behind and will knock me in their rush and so the height of my shoes are reducing when on public transport.

This impending sensible shoe wearing causes me immense stress and sadness, a vain and vacuous admission, and when I am stressed I write poems.”

Sue also submitted a second postcard called ‘Straight Lines’ – you can see the postcard and full story here.

Sue has set up a company that promotes the beauty and use of feet. You can find out more here: www.enjoyfeet.co.uk

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