Straight Lines

"Straight Lines"

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Sue Kent is the leading masseuse in the field of barefoot, no hands massage. Sue is keen that people with disabilities have the access and opportunity to develop a career in the areas that interest them. We asked Sue to tell us a bit about why she created her postcard.

“This postcard sums up frustration at constant failure, the final acceptance of it and reorganising the negative into a imperfect positive.

With 8 inch arms and seven fingers no matter what methods I use, pen, scissors, rulers, paper cutter I cannot present a straight line, or for that matter a tidy house. I wrote the poem on this postcard a few years ago, it was my first poem filed in the folder titled “Because I am Different.” It was my first written acknowledgement of the problems of my difference.

Last year I went to Damien Hirst’s Tate modern exhibition, it was quite life changing for me in many ways, the medicine cabinets in particular, the spot painting summed up the regimentation of his thought process and the order of mind and environment that it may possibly provide.

David Hockney had been presenting his ipad art and I could see its potential for artistic expression for people with disabilities. I duly downloaded an art app only to discover my lack of motor control and reach were simply representing my in-exactitude in pixel expandable proportions.

So my postcard shows my admiration for order and my failure to achieve it. Inspired by the straight lines and curves pen and paper and ruler can create and Damien Hirst’s mathematical spot perfections.”

Sue set up a company that promotes the beauty and use of feet. You can find out more here:


Straight Lines
Whenever I try to wrap presents they go wonky
I lay out the paper and try and cut it straight
But the scissors veer off on their wonky way
The cutting and gluing of my mosaic collages
Lined up in beautiful linear patterns waiting to be retained by glue
Escape their confines to mirror their wonky creator
The script of my epistles, despite Basildon Bond’s helpful guide
Start off with good intention but gradually or suddenly, depending on their mood
Meander wonkily away from my eighteenth century letter writing pretentions
The perfect straight line has eluded me all my life,
Even the purchase of a paper cutter could not rescue me from failure
Now as my eyes go wonky with age I am defeated on two sides
I admit the wonkiness of my life has got the better of me, in truth, it always has
I shall stand at the side lines of the straight liners and admire their control
No more pretence, no more attempts
No more failed straight lines

Sue Kent

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