A great boyfriend

"A great boyfriend"

by Eric in People

Eric has been dating Liz for around six years. They met at a day service they attend in Easingwold, York, run by the disability charity United Response.

Eric created his postcard at a workshop dedicated to getting involved in the Postcards from the Edges project. Everyone who attended this workshop decided to create cards under the tag-line ‘Don’t dis our ability’. This tag-line aimed to draw attention to the things people with disabilities can do as opposed to focusing on the things people are unable to do.

Eric created this postcard with a picture of him and his girlfriend. Of being in a relationship, Eric says: “Some people don’t think we should be serious, but we are! Being together makes us feel wanted and valued. It’s good to have someone else to care about and to care about you.”

You can find some of the other postcards with the ‘Don’t dis our ability’ tag-line here:

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