Invisible Pain

"Invisible Pain"

by Rachael in Wellbeing

Rachael was the lucky winner of our Twitter competition. We asked her to tell us why she created her postcard:

“The background image are dandelion seeds which my partner drew himself.

The words relate to mental health and for family members that have mental health issues within their family.

Not all pain can be see and just because its not seen doesn’t make it any less real in my opinion.

My mother suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and the first I knew about this was when I came home from work and mum grabbed me in the hallway and whispered that the neighbours were spying on us and that the phone lines were tapped and had contacted both BT and the POLICE!  I was so so scared I wasn’t sure what was going on.

I contacted my sister and between us we managed to get mum to the doctors and she was put on medication.  I was only in my early twenties and so confused and upset and it was my boss who explained to me that all it was was just a slight chemical imbalance in the brain and some people are wired just a little bit different.

It was a tough time for all of us back then, we all suffer when a family member suffers.”

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