Swallow  Hard

"Swallow Hard"

by Ian in Anything!

Ian Pyper has drawn ever since he can remember and sees it as a vital part of his life.

He tries to find new ways to express himself through drawing. We asked him to tell us about himself and why he created his postcard.

“I’m an artist with only two fingers and a thumb on each hand – not something I consider so much as a disability, but more a physical difference.

This image was inspired by ATOS and their treatment of vulnerable people in their ‘medical’ assessments and the reported numbers of people who have died as a result of being found fit for work when they were most obviously not capable.

I have a real passion and anger about the way the current government and local authorities are treating disabled people and this is being reflected in some of my drawings at the moment!

My work has been described as Future Primitive’ and I have shown and sold work in galleries in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.”

Ian is currently promoting his art/colouring book ‘Bugs of the Future Primitive’, published in the US by Pelekinesis.

See Ian’s other postcard ‘Born brave every day’ and ‘some people become easy targets’. You can also find more of his artwork on Outside In.

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