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How can I make a postcard?

You can use our online tool to make and upload postcards (click the green ‘create a card’ button on the homepage). You can upload a video on YouTube and provide a link for a video postcard, create your own postcard online, or print one out and mail it to us. Follow this guide on how to make a postcard.

How do I get started with my postcard?

Our primary theme for 2016 is social care. The general public can be confused about what social care is, what it does and who pays for it.  Adult Social Care is not just for the elderly – too often people forget that care can be needed at any stage of a person’s adult life.

Our end goal is to present a wealth of postcards to the Government in order to demonstrate what good social care is, what it means to people with support needs, and what could be lost if the cuts to the funding of social care continue. So, think about what good social care means to you and tell us about it in a video or write about it on a postcard.

I am not disabled but want to take part; is this OK?

It’s more than OK – we positively encourage it! Postcards from the Edges is about expressing what is important to you and so we welcome everyone to get involved. Many of us have some experience of disability, but even if you haven’t then that’s something to talk about in a postcard. We would suggest you try and create a postcard that will be relevant to disabled people and social care. Maybe you want to use your postcard to express your support for social care and your experience of what it means.

If you are a carer who provides support to somebody, and would like to talk about the importance of social care, then we’d love to hear from you. We’re also keen to hear the opinions of those who are family members or are friends of someone who is supported. It’s important to show the world that it is not just those who receive social care, who feel the benefits, but that their independence and wellbeing is reflected in the experience of families, communities and wider society.

How do I add text to my postcard?

We’ve produced step by step instructions on how to build or upload your postcard.

If you have any other questions, please email webmaster@unitedresponse.org.uk.

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