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We are a national charity that supports people with a wide range of disabilities and mental health needs. This means accessibility is very important to all that we do.

We have tried to make this website as accessible as possible in terms of design and layout.

AA WAI accessibility standards

All content on this website is compliant to AA WAI accessibility standards with particular attention paid to navigating the site via screen reader, with large text or by keyboard.

Screen readers

The entire website, plus the postcard creation process, is accessible to screen readers.

If you do not have a screen reader you  can download BrowseAloud to your desktop or laptop computer. Once installed, you simply move your mouse pointer over the text to hear it read aloud. Or, from a touch screen device, you simply click on the text to hear it read aloud.


This website also:

  • Uses hyperlink highlighting
  • Uses ‘alternative text’ to identify an image, function or hyperlink
  • Is compatible with all current browsers.

If you have any problems using this site, please email for help and support.

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